1A – The Heart of the Service Relationship

Speaker(s): Frank Ostaseski, Founder, Metta Institute

At its core, good medicine is built on the practice of wise relationship. Patients want more than expertise — they need a human face on the medical care they receive. Continuity, trust, and communication matter.

Clinicians and caregivers are always operating in the context of relationships – with patients, colleagues, and families -it is essential to know how to navigate that territory with skill, clarity and compassion.

While service is natural, even instinctual the service relationship isn’t always easy. We encounter the roadblocks of self-protection, fear of suffering, identification with our well-defined roles, our treasured views and the illusion of our sense of separation. In this workshop we explore how service is a curriculum, an endless series of questions, puzzling, insistent an illuminating.

Upon completion of the activity, learners will be able to:

• Help participants renew their connection with their initial intention in professional service

• Outline the traps of roles and the primary obstacles in the service relationship including perfectionism, isolation, distancing from suffering

• Explore the distinguishing characteristics between helping fixing and service