Ann Schulman

Ann Schulman


For the past four years Ann has worked at Our Lady of Peace hospice as a C.N.A and Healing Touch Certified Practitioner. In addition to working with the dying, Ann has a significant self-care daily practice that includes sitting meditation, qigong, tai chi, and Healing Touch as self-care. Self-care is not a side issue for Ann, but a way of life that informs and enriches her care of others.

4I – Healing Touch: Care For the Dying and Self-Care

Speaker(s): Ann Schulman, HTCP, CNA What is Healing Touch? How does it compliment palliative and hospice care? How can caregivers use Healing Touch as a manner of self-care? During the course of this workshop attendees will hear a short power point presentation, learn to Ground, Center, and Attune, and do a self-chakra connection. Upon completion […]