Brenda Hartman

Brenda Hartman


Brenda is a licensed therapist, author, 2017 Bush Fellow and a 31-year stage 4 cancer survivor. Her clinical specialization is working with individuals who have life threatening and life ending illness. Brenda’s Fellowship is focused on studying end-of-life needs from diverse cultural, spiritual and religious beliefs. Her desire is to share this knowledge with health care professionals to enhance their cultural responsiveness when working with individuals who beliefs are different from their own. Brenda’s mission is to change the cultural narrative around end of life to a holistic view of life and death that is inclusive of all belief systems. Brenda has a passion for working with individuals, families, health care providers and speaks publicly about death, grief, healing and dying.

5E – How to be Culturally Respectful in a Non-Prescriptive Way

Speaker(s): Brenda Hartman, MSW, LICSW Health care providers appreciate the importance of cultural, religious and spiritual differences. Understanding our own belief system, benefits health care professionals when they are at the intersection of their own beliefs and other’s beliefs. How these beliefs interact is an important and powerful insight for each provider to recognize. This […]