Brianna Petzel

Brianna Petzel


Brianna Petzel completed her Master’s degree in social work through the University of Southern California’s virtual academic center. She is a hospice social worker and has been working with Mayo Clinic Health System – Mankato Hospice since 2015. She is a co-investigator of a study on spiritual care in hospice.

6F – Spiritual Care at the End-of-Life. Does an Educational Intervention Focused on a Broad Definition of Spirituality Increase Utilization of Chaplain Spiritual Support in Hospice?

Speaker(s): Jacek Soroka, PhD, BCC, STL; Brianna Petzel, LGSW Despite the benefits of spiritual care, evidence shows that a significant number of patients/caregivers refuse it when offered by hospice teams, resulting in unnecessary suffering. This presentation aims to better understand what contributes to the spiritual support acceptance rate in hospice care. Upon completion of the […]