Dale Swan

Dale Swan


Dale Swan, M. Div. has served as chaplain for over 25 years at UMMC and Fairview hospice. He is the author of “Hospice Hope: Uplifting stories of those in Hospice”, and the recipient of the 2018 American Cancer Society’s national Lane Adams award for service to cancer patients. Dale has used therapeutic humor in working with patients and families, seeing its value as an effective intervention and caregiving tool. He has presented this workshop at previous conferences, spiritual care gatherings, and for continuing education seminars.

1H – The Use of Humor in Hospice Caregiving

Speaker(s): Dale Swan, Mdiv To explore the use of humor as a valid therapy/ relational tool in hospice caregiving. Explain inappropriate uses, how to incorporate it in interactions with pts and families, and by presentation and participation, show it’s value for all disciplines as an effective intervention promoting healing. Upon completion of the activity, learners […]