Dannell Shu

Dannell Shu


Dannell Shu, Parent Advocate for pediatric palliative care and hospice, is known for fostering resilient families and care communities. An uplifting educator, speaker, and writer, Dannell shares powerful stories that inspire and motivate meaningful change through truth, humor and helpful insights. She is a member of the Minnesota Department of Health’s Palliative Care Advisory Council and the Pediatric Palliative Care Coalition of Minnesota. Dannell passionately supports care communities and families working collaboratively to increase education and access to meaningful care in life and death. Shu blogs at MamaShu.org about family perspectives within palliative care and hospice.

2K – Minnesota Palliative Care Advisory Council: 2019 Update

Speaker(s): Joy Liu, BA; Dannell Shu, BFA, MWS; Dr. Elizabeth Mahan, BCC This session will provide an update on the work of the Minnesota Palliative Care Advisory Council. Results from the council’s legislative report will be shared and draft recommendations will be discussed. Upon completion of the activity, learners will be able to: • Describe […]