Hamdy El-Sawaf

Hamdy El-Sawaf


Dr. Hamdy El-Sawaf is the Imam at Masjid Al-Iman in Minneapolis, MN. He has an MA and PhD in psychology from the University of Minnesota and is a psychotherapist at the Counseling and Psychotherapy Center in Minneapolis. Dr. El-Sawaf also serves as the president of the board of the Al-Wafaa Center for Human Services and the Islamic Community Center of Minnesota, both in Minneapolis. He has been a consultant for Islamic perspectives in many settings including at churches, synagogues, counseling centers, and for other healing resources.

4F – The Meaning of Compassion from a Spiritual Perspective and the Importance of Compassion Within Health Care

Speaker(s): Rabbi Marcia Zimmerman; Venerable Drupa Rinpoche Lobsang Yeshi; Dr. Hamdy El-Sawaf; Facilitator: Ted Bowman ‚ÄúCompassion is the ability to vitally imagine what it is like to be an other, the force that makes a bridge from the island of the one individuality to the island of the other. It is an ability to step […]