Jane Whitlock

Jane Whitlock

End of Life Doula training Doulagivers, NYC

Jane Whitlock Death Doula, Jane supports individuals and families as they face end of life and all the issues that come with it. She recently did a TEDx Minneapolis on how we as a society are losing out on the gifts that death has to offer us, on the opportunity to lead lives with more meaning and love. She is a founding member of the MN Death Collaborative. She holds a BA in American Institutions from UW Madison.

2H – End of Life doula, is it a duplication of service?

Speaker(s): Jane Whitlock,¬†End of Life Doula training Doulagivers, NYC I believe end of life doulas fill the gaps in the hospice experience that are there today due to the constraints put on workers at all levels in the hospice model. As a caregiver for my husband there were pivotal points where I could have used […]