Maureen Bigelow

Maureen Bigelow


Maureen Bigelow graduated with BAN in Nursing from Luther College I. Decorah, IA.  She has worked at Mayo Clinic in Rochester for the past 33 years. While at Mayo she worked with thoracic, vascular, trauma patients, protein metabolism research, managed the hyperbaric medicine unit and dialysis units. Most recently, she is a patient care coordinator with Mayo Clinic Hospice. She hold appointment as an associate professor of nursing at the Mayo Clinic

3D – A Team Approach to Ventilator Withdrawal in the Home

Speaker(s): Emily Black, APRN, CNP; Maureen Bigelow, RN, BSN The integration of palliative care into the home that would otherwise typically be performed in the hospital empowers patients and families by allowing for more choices when facing difficult end of life decisions. Compassionate extubation, also known as palliative extubation, is the withdrawal of mechanical ventilation. […]