Stacey Quade

Stacey Quade

COTA/L, CHTP/I, Herbalist

Stacey Quade, COTA/L, CHTP/I, Herbalist, has maintained a private practice in Healing Touch and Herbal Medicine since 2002 years in Duluth, MN. She is certified to instruct Healing Touch course 1 and 2 through Healing Beyond Borders.She also works as a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant at Essentia Health Miller Dwan Rehabilitation where she has specialized in Traumatic Brain Injury, since 1988; and is currently part of Energy Based Therapy Research and Integrative Health Advisory Committee. Stacey teaches classes on a variety of wellness topics, including energetic principles, diet/nutritional basics and herbalism in the Duluth area and surrounding communities.

1I – Clinical Pearls: Healing Touch Techniques to Incorporate into your Practice Tomorrow for Patients, Families, and Yourself

Speaker(s): Amy Greminger, MD; Stacey Quade, COTA/L, CHTP/I, Herbalist This session will provide experiential learning of Healing Touch techniques and theory that can be put into immediate use. These techniques will be able to be used by the provider to facilitate their own well being, as well as be employed to help patients and families. […]